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Explore the trails with the latest Brooks running shoes!


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The appeal of trail running lies in its promise of adventure, the challenge of uneven terrain, and the sheer pleasure of reconnecting with nature. As any trail runner knows, the choice of footwear can make all the difference between a good run and an exceptional experience. This season, Brooks introduces its latest line of trail running shoes, designed to enhance your experience on every type of trail. From the fast Catamount 3 to the rugged Cascadia 17, each pair is a testament to Brooks' commitment to quality, performance, and trail spirit.

Brooks Catamount Agil

Brooks Catamount 3 trail running shoes: speed meets comfort

The Brooks Catamount 3 shoe is a marvel of modern engineering, designed for runners who don't want to compromise speed or comfort.

This lightweight shoe delivers fast movement and comfort over any distance. The secret of its performance lies in its responsive cushioning, which adapts to your stride, offering unrivalled support and energy return. Whether you're tackling a short, fast trail or an endurance challenge, the Catamount 3 ensures your feet stay comfortable and protected all the way.

Its breathable upper keeps your feet cool, while its aggressive outsole offers exceptional traction on uneven surfaces, making it the preferred choice of speed enthusiasts.

Brooks Catamount Agil: the all-terrain champion

For those who enjoy varied terrain and need a shoe that can tackle it, the Brooks Catamount Agil presents itself as the all-terrain champion.

This unisex shoe combines flexibility, durability and grip in a design as versatile as the trails you explore. The Catamount Agil features a SpeedVault Trail plate that propels you to your maximum speed, while adaptive lugs grip surfaces, giving you confidence on descents and tight turns.

Its DNA Flash V2 cushioning ensures comfort without sacrificing the responsiveness needed to feel the trail beneath your feet. Whether you're moving over rocky paths, muddy trails, or steep hills, the Catamount Agil offers the stability and agility you need to tackle them with ease.

Brooks Cascadia 17 GTX: brave all conditions

Trail running doesn't stop when the weather turns bad. The Brooks Cascadia 17 GTX is designed for runners who take on the elements.

Featuring GORE-TEX waterproof technology ®, this shoe keeps your feet dry in wet conditions without compromising breathability. The Cascadia 17 GTX also features a robust construction and supportive fit, ensuring your feet are well protected against the rigors of the trail. Its Trail Adapt system combines lightweight DNA LOFT V2 cushioning with a protective plate and Trail Tack rubber sole to adapt to uneven terrain and provide consistent support.

With its rugged outsole, you'll enjoy reliable grip in mud and on wet rocks, making the Cascadia 17 GTX an ideal choice for adventures in all weather conditions.

Brooks Cascadia 17: the trail conqueror

The Brooks Cascadia 17 stands as a monument to durability and stability in the world of trail shoes.

Designed to conquer the trail with ease, this shoe features an advanced traction system that ensures firm grip on a variety of surfaces, from dry desert trails to muddy forest paths.

Its midsole offers the perfect blend of cushioning and responsiveness, absorbing impact and providing energy return with every step. The upper is constructed from durable materials that resist tears and abrasions, while strategic ventilation zones keep your feet cool and dry.

The Cascadia 17 isn't just a shoe; it's a loyal companion that supports your every move, mile after mile.

Trail running is more than a sport, it's a journey into the heart of nature, a way to challenge yourself and a path to personal discovery. With the latest Brooks trail shoes, every step you take brings you closer to your goals, whether you're an experienced ultramarathoner or just beginning your trail running adventure. The Catamount 3, Catamount Agil, Cascadia 17 and GTX version are each designed with specific types of trail runners in mind, ensuring you can find the perfect shoe to match your trail running style and aspirations.