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Hydrapak - Hydration bottles, flasks and reservoirs

Explore the HydraPak collection: bottles, flasks, and hydration reservoirs designed for all adventurers. Whether you're hiking, running, or in the city, HydraPak Canada offers lightweight, durable, and flexible hydration solutions for every active lifestyle.

Innovative Hydration with HydraPak

The HydraPak range offers a variety of hydration solutions, including the renowned Flux, a model of collapsible and compressible bottle. Available in multiple sizes, the Flux combines the shape of a rigid bottle with the flexibility of a soft flask, cutting its weight by 50%. With integrated filtration options, it's ideal for potable water on the go. Each HydraPak product is designed to provide quick and easy hydration, with a lifetime guarantee, ensuring quality and durability for all your adventures.

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